Welcome to APF Press

We are the leading publisher of ground-breaking and convergent works in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Print and eBooks

For added convenience APF Press is pleased to offer both Print and eBook versions of our titles.

Welcome to APF Press.

Founded in 1990,  ATP Press is the publisher of some of the most important works of our time and continues to be a leading publisher of ground breaking and convergent works in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

ATPs  publication program, which includes ebooks, is steered by the belief that books from academic publishers are more essential than ever before for understanding and possibly changing critical issues facing the world today.

Academic Books

Areas Include: Culture, Race and Racism, Social Sciences, Economy, Political Science, Health, Social Justice, Human Rights.

Children's Books

Catering to the developing minds of our growing youth populous, we offer children’s books for all ages.

Self-Help / Spiritual Books

We area also pleased to offer diverse titles with a variety of Self-Help and Spiritual Books that promote love and charity.

Our titles are also available in eBook format.

Bringing convenience and flexibility to our customers. Order now and download instantly. Available for all eReaders.

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